Our Team

Craig Colby

Craig has been wildly successful in the franchise world for the past 20 years. As a featured expert in numerous publications and industry interviews, Craig brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as both a franchisee and franchisor. Wise in all aspects of development, management, and operations, Craig’s passions lay in finding great ideas and great people and bringing them together for a long and enjoyable journey..


Yep, twins…it’s almost like getting one free.

Michael Colby

If Craig gets to be “Big Picture Guy”, Mike has the distinction of being the quiet hero in the engine room ensuring that all systems are “go”. An experienced and proven, “hands-on” operator, Mike excels at making concepts, systems, and operations run just a little bit better. 



Brad Clawson

Brad has a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of the franchise experience and is a seasoned expert in multi-unit and multi-concept operations.  With Brad’s understanding and experience as both a Franchisor and Franchisee, he brings a unique and sensible perspective to the crucial balance required between explosive growth, strict adherence to brand standards, and the exuberant celebrations of a job well done. 


Eric Houseman

Although seldom holding still long enough to tell you these things himself, Eric is a proven dynamo in the vigorous expansion of concepts and locations while simultaneously generating blockbuster growth across all financial, personal, and cultural measures. Quite possibly one of the last remaining action heroes, Eric’s operational talents and abilities are best demonstrated by his 25-year evolution from Bartender to President and COO of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers..


Mark Allan

With a rich background in broadcast, media and entertainment, Mark brings “the voice of the audience” into all aspect of the decision making process, a place where too often they often are not be represented.  Along with being the answer to obscure 80’s trivia questions, Mark’s well versed in all aspects of creative communication, digital production, and the passionate translation of a founder’s vision into a functioning and thriving brand.


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