Find A Winner

Are you looking for a proven winner?  Before looking any farther, here’s a list of 10 things you should and should not do as a potential franchisee.


The Top “Do’s”

  •          Appraise your experience, skills and likes to determine what business is a good fit.
  •         Decide whether to be in business full-time, part-time or with your family.
  •          Thoroughly investigate the industry first. If possible, work for someone else in the business first.
  •          Look to the economics of the business more than how well or poorly it has been run.
  •          Pursue a structured "due diligence" process. Ask for help from your lawyer and accountant.
  •          Perform your own evaluation of the business's real estate location.
  •         Deal only with established, well-financed and widely successful franchisers.


The Top “Don’t’s”

  •          Permit any expert to decide for you whether or not you should buy a business.
  •         Buy a business or franchise without your lawyer approving all documents.
  •         Rely on pro-forma financial statements (future predictions.)
  •          Be in a rush. (Wait patiently for the fat opportunity by looking at lots of them.)
  •          Rely on the seller's evaluation of inventory and other assets.
  •          Hesitate to walk away from a deal that is not a potential home run.
  •          Overlook comparing what you can do as an individual vs. as a franchisee. 

Our Philosophy

Franchising is a big decision; you’ll want to know a few of the big rules we play by.


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