Is becoming a franchisor the next step for your business? Here are 12 quick questions to get you started:
Does your business have credibility and a strong brand identity?
Would your concept do well in other locations and geographic regions?
Would your business benefit from strength in numbers and additional locations?
Can the elements that make your business successful be transferred to others?
Is your business sufficiently different from others in terms of products and services, marketing, lower investment or operating costs, or specific target markets?
Does your business require specific landmarks, demographics, or populations to be successful?
Does your concept generate enough profit to pay both royalty fees and an adequate return on investment for a franchisee?
Is there a relatively short period between initial commitment and the “Grand Opening”?
Are your operations straightforward and reasonably easy for a potentially new franchisee to operate?
Can you scale to recruit, train and provide your potential franchisees with the support they need to be successful?
Do you have trademarks or patents in place for your product or service?
Are you 100% committed to becoming a larger enterprise?

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